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This wiki is no longer being edited or updated. For up-to-date information about Learner Web in Minnesota, please instead see https://sites.google.com/site/mnlearnerweb/ and update all bookmarks accordingly.



Users have asked us the following questions.   Please email the Regional Administrator if you have other questions you would like answered here.


Student Support Issues 


How can I get my learners using Learner Web?

You can use Learner Web with learners in your program who are ready for supported yet independent learning using the internet. Learner Web cannot be used in class or in a lab where you take attendance; however, it can be used as a hybrid learning tool that complements classroom learning. Click on Classroom, Hybrid, Distance Learning  or  Creating Learner Accounts to read more. 



Technical Issues


My learners are not seeing the same steps that I see when we look at our learning plans. 

Because Learner Web is new software, it is constantly changing. When the software changes or when we figure out a better way to use it, the learning plans are changed. Sometimes in order to see these new changes it is necessary that a plan be deleted and re-added. This happens when we change the steps or add workspaces. If you have an active student account in Learner Web and you want to make sure you have the most recent version of each plan, you may need to go to "My Home" and click the orange X to next to the plan name in the current list of "Goals You Are Working On." Once the learning plan name reloads under "Choose a Goal" you can click on it to re-add it to your list of current learning plans.

Note: Deleting and re-adding a plan deletes all records of what that user has done in the plan, including all workspace quizzes. Proceed with caution!


Do I have to create a new course offering for every new group of students, or can I just delete the existing learners and add new ones?

Either one is ok! Here is a video demonstrating how to create and edit courses.


When I log in to the teacher portal, I can't see my students' progress. What's wrong?

There are a few different possibilities here. In order for you to see what your students have done, you need to:

1) Have a course set up in the software that links that student and the plan(s) they're using to your teacher account.

2) Set dates for the course that include the time that your learners are using it. (If they start the Plan before the course dates begin, or continue to work on it after it ends, you won't be able to see what they did.)

3) Make sure your learners have done something in the plan. If they haven't used the software, there's nothing to see!

You (or your LW administrator) can set these things up in the Teacher Administrator menu. The same video linked to in the previous answer can show you how.


I want my learners to use one plan, but when they sign in they see something else. Why?

Every region is programmed a little bit differently. Some of them start with screeners to narrow down the plans to what learners most need to know. For more information on how your software region is set up, contact your regional administrator. If your learner has used the software before for another plan, that first plan will be open when they sign in. To get back to the full list and sign on to a new plan, click on the orange My Home button at the top of the screen.



Learning Plan Issues


There's a typo in the learning plan I'm using. How can I fix it?

Let us know! Either send an email or fill out a Feedback form. You might want to include a screenshot of the issue. Here's how to capture them:

Mac Screenshots: Hit the following buttons at the same time: Shift, Open Apple, 4. This will bring up an outlining tool that you can use to choose the area of the screen shot. Click and drag to cover the desired area and release the mouse button. The shot should appear automatically on your desktop.
PC Screenshots: Hit CTRL and Print Screen. Go to a new Word Doc. Click on Paste or CTRL V. The shot should pop up as an image on the Word Doc.

Jing Screenshots: Go to http://www.techsmith.com/jing/ to download their screen capturing software.

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