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Proxy Hours and MABE Database

Page history last edited by Julia Tabbut 7 years, 10 months ago

This wiki is no longer being edited or updated. For up-to-date information about Learner Web in Minnesota, please instead see https://sites.google.com/site/mnlearnerweb/ and update all bookmarks accordingly.


What are proxy hours?

MN Department of Education Adult Basic Education has approved proxy hours for many of our learning plans. That means that as students show mastery of the content in the learning plans, your program is eligible for sustainable funding for a predetermined number of hours.


See Learning Plans Offered to see how many proxy hours are awarded for each plan.



Process for Reporting Attendance in MABE DATABASE

When you have learners using Learner Web you will record attendance in two ways: 


Face-to-face meetings AND proxy hours earned by step completion


1- Take attendance for face-to-face meeting in the MABE database

  • If you use Learner Web as a hybrid complement to an actual course, the classroom attendance is recorded in MABE. 
  • If you are using Learner Web as a distance learning tool (NOT connected to any specific course), you must record attendance for the days you meet with a learner for orientation and on-going support. Do this is a MABE Course set up as a LAB. You can call it "DL Check-in." We recommend a weekly or biweekly check-in. 


2- Record proxy hours in MABE for steps completed in Learner Web.

  • Create a classes in MABE called "DL Learner Web Proxy Hours." This is where you will enroll your learners and enter the correct proxy hour number. 
  • Each month your site will receive a spreadsheet from the Learner Web Regional Administrator showing the proxy hours earned by learners at your site for each learning plan. You must check the list to make sure it accurately reflects the work that you have observed in the teacher site. If you notice any problems with the proxy hour report you see or have any questions contact the Regional Administrator.    
  • Use the information in the report to record proxy hour information into MABE. Record hours for each learner's completed steps in each plan. 


View an example of and instructions for how to set up MABE Database pages for both Proxy Hour AND Face-to-Face attendance 

View an Annotated Sample Report



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