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Learner Web Roles

Page history last edited by Julia Tabbut 7 years, 10 months ago

This wiki is no longer being edited or updated. For up-to-date information about Learner Web in Minnesota, please instead see https://sites.google.com/site/mnlearnerweb/ and update all bookmarks accordingly.


Learner Web is a role-based software. Each program will use available roles differently, depending on staff, resources, and implementation goals. Learner Web site coordinators can use all the roles or spread them out to other colleagues on-site.


Teacher Administrator

This role is usually assigned to the Learner Web coordinator at each local site. This person will coordinate the site's implementation and communicate with the Regional Administrator. Minimally, the local LW coordinator will:


  • Decide whether to use Learner Web as a distance learning or hybrid distance learning/classroom tool.
  • Be informed about learning plan offerings.
  • Invite teachers and learners to participate and make their accounts in the software.
  • Learn how to use the Learner Web tools for keeping track of learner progress.
  • Record Learner Web proxy hours earned into the MN Adult Basic Education (MABE) database.



The people assigned to this role interact with the learner. Interaction should happen in the following ways:


  • Initial orientation to Learner Web, including instruction on the navigation and goal setting
  • Regular monitoring of learners through the teacher portal on the website
  • Periodic check-in with the learners face to face



There is an active team of Helpers scheduled to assist Learner Web learners by phone. The current week's schedule is also posted in the plans' help tabs:



Counselor & Tutor

These roles are available in the software, but are not yet in use. Let us know if you intend to set them up at your site.


Regional Administrator

There are only a handful of regional administrators for each of the cities using Learner Web. The Regional Administrator keeps track of use in the region, builds content, and communicates with the software developers as needed. The Regional Administrator for Minnesota is Jen Vanek.

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