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Learning Plans Offered

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This wiki is no longer being edited or updated. For up-to-date information about Learner Web in Minnesota, please instead see https://sites.google.com/site/mnlearnerweb/ and update all bookmarks accordingly.



This page gives a list of the plans offered. For descriptions of these plans, please see the attached document.


Citizenship preparation plan

  • Become a U.S. Citizen


English language skills plans

  • Learn English for Work 1

  • Learn English for Work 2


BTOP plans: Internet skills, broadband consumer education, and career paths

  • Internet Skills: How do computers work?
  • Internet Skills: How does the Internet work?
  • Internet Skills: How can you find what you want online?
  • Internet Skills: How do you use email?
  • Internet Skills: What can you put online? 
  • Internet Skills: How do you complete a survey?
  • Internet Skills: How can you stay safe online?
  • Internet Skills: Who else can you meet online?
  • Practice Your Internet Skills
  • Learn about Broadband: What is it?
  • Learn about Broadband: Do you need a computer?
  • Learn about Broadband: How can you be a savvy consumer?
  • Learn about Broadband: How do you prepare to buy broadband Internet?
  • Learn about Career Paths: Introduction
  • Learn about Career Paths: Career Awareness
  • Learn about Career Paths: Career Success
  • Learn about Career Paths: Career Exploration


Additional computer and Internet skills plan

  • Computer Skills: Microsoft Office


Additional job readiness skills plans

  • Math Skills for Work
  • Reading Skills for Work
  • Soft Skills for Work
  • National Career Readiness Certificate


Career training plans

  • Integrated Medical Terminology
  • Medical Office Preparation
  • Prepare to Be a CNA
  • Child Development


College Preparation Plan

  • Getting Ready for College: Taking the ACCUPLACER 


You can find more extensive descriptions in this document.

Goal Sheets are also available for some plans.


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